We are very proud and excited to announce the opening of the leading International coach training school of Success Unlimited Network in Israel ,in Hebrew.

After rigorous training of three years, bringing SUN® to Israel and becoming its representative , is totally in alignment with our commitment to teach coaching at the highest level, and a major accomplishment, after years of experience in coaching and training coaches.

  • The SUN program derives its techniques from Sports Psychology and Management Training and can be applied to all life areas; therefore specialty niches are less important in matching clients to coaches. All SUN Coaches bring a spiritual foundation to their coaching businesses.
  • Originating in London in 1981 by the British Company, Results Unlimited, the SUN program was brought to the U.S. by Teri-E Belf, M.C.C. in 1987.
  • The Success Unlimited Network Coach Training and Certification program received its first ICF accreditation in September 2000 (ACTP), and kept accreditation status updated.
  • The SUN ACTP is available in the USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal and now also Israel.
  • As of March 2010, from the SUN certified and ICF credentialed coaches, there are many that gained a high certification degree: 43% are MCCs (Master Certified Coach), 47% are PCCs (Professional Certified Coach). The reason probably lines in the unique combination of the quality of SUNs students and the high level of the program.

SUN Mission Statement

SUN is an international network of personal and professional Coaches who coach and train coaches to inspire people to learn how to consistently produce purposeful results they want in all areas of their life while maintaining and enhancing their well-being. As a result of our service, more people are clear about where they are and where they want to go, and more consistently take steps towards the results they choose with increased fulfillment and satisfaction.

SUN Philosophy

What is a coach? A coach guides clients over time using an inquiry process that focuses on personal discovery and responsibility, to consistently obtain desired results in all life areas with a sense of well-being, fulfillment and satisfaction.

  1. Coaches are formally trained and share common philosophies and values: integrity, service, fun, spirituality, personal growth and discovery.
  2. Coaching helps individuals and organizations to develop more rapidly and produce more consistently satisfying results and well-being.
  3. Clients choose the results to be coached and coaching is tailored to the individual needs of the client.
  4. Coaching is interactive. The Coach and Client are partners in the process.
  5. Coaches, for the most part, elicit solutions and strategies from the client by using the inquiry process and asking questions. If consulting is appropriate, the Coach identifies it as consulting.
  6. Coaches help clients tap into their own answers and build upon their natural strengths and abilities.
  7. Coaches believe that the client is resourceful, creative and able to obtain the desired results.
  8. Coaches believe that the client is responsible for doing the work to achieve the results/well-being.
  9. Coaches maintain a holistic perspective and continually look at how all life areas interrelate.
  10. The power of coaching comes from the strength of the caring bond between coach and client.
  11. Coaches focus on the present moment during coaching meetings.
  12. Coaches model the SUN philosophy, values and practices.
  13. Coaches unconditionally accept clients as they are.
  14. Every interaction with a client/prospective client is an opportunity to serve.
  15. Coaches pro-actively continue their own personal growth and discovery.
  16. Coaches remember to plurk (play while they work).

Our Advantages

  1. A dual accreditation: Accredited ICF Coach Training and Certification program,   and the accreditation of the Israeli Coaching Chamber.
  2. Personalized environment – learning in a small group of up to 6 participants, 30% of the training is personal, conducted by one of the trainers.
  3. Guidance in Setting Up the Coaching Business and escorting you in your first steps as a coach.
  4. Internationality – joining a community of coaches from many countries around the world that support each other and work as an on-going learning community.
  5. The highest demands –10 observations, writhen feedbacks and exams to sharpen your skills and competencies as a coach.
  6. The trainers – are very experienced coaches and trainers with a burning commitment for helping you to become the best coach you can be.

The program

360 Academic hours: 227 training hours and 133 hours of coaching clients.

Part 1 – coach training – 170 Academic hours over 8 mounts:

The basis of coaching – increasing personal and professional effectiveness

Coaching 1:1 and personal training

Advance Coaching Course –including SUN techniques, advanced coaching competencies and building your coaching practice

Evaluation – 6 observations and 4 lexemes on your coaching skills.

Part 2 – Practicum and Certification -57 academic hours of training, supervision and mentoring and 133 academic hours of coaching clients.

Time frame:6-8 months depending on the student's pace of coaching.

Eran Olenik M.A.  MCC MCIL

A Business and Life coach, a coach trainer and Course Leader. Co- founder of 'Coaching Academy', one of the leading Coaching schools in Israel. From 2003 till 2010 lead Coaching courses for more than 700 participants and coached Ceo's, executives and managers.

Certified as a C.S.C – SUN Certified Coach, MCC- a Master Certified Coach by the ICF- (International Coach Federation) and as a MCIL – Master Certified Coach by the Israeli Coaching Chamber. SUN Co -representative in Israel

Regarded by the business press as one of the leading business coaches in Israel.

For more details – www.successandbeyond.co.il

Dalia Nakar M.A.  PCC MCIL

Founder and manager of GILMAHUT – A center for coaching and consulting, specializing in retirement and the third age. Developer of the field of retirement coaching in Israel.

Graduate of 'Coaching Academy' school for coaches in Israel and international coaching school SUN- Success Unlimited Network. Co- reprehensive of SUN in Israel.

Certified as a C.S.C – SUN Certified Coach, PCC- a Professional Certified Coach by the ICF- (International Coach Federation) and as a PCIL – Professional Certified Coach by the Israeli Coaching Chamber. SUN Co -representative in Israel

For more details – www.gilmhaut.co.il


22,000 new Israeli Shekel + VAT

You are invited to make the first step towards becoming the great coach you can be.

For a free consultation, please contact Eran Olenik at 054-7643533 or Dalia Nakar at 052- 2493073